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Key Auto Finance - A Division of Jim Williams Leasing Limited.


How to get started financing your next vehicle.

In order for us to help you arrange financing though our stable of lenders we need to know a little about you and your personal circumstances like your employment and residence history, your income and your current payment obligations and amount of down payment, if any. This helps us establish a budget range for your new vehicle.

  1. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by one of our friendly customer service representatives. They will discuss your personal situation and ask you to confirm some basic questions such as: how long you have been at your address and job. We will NOT do a credit check on you without speaking to you first and obtaining your permission.
  2. Second, our credit specialists will review your credit information and try to determine the type of financing you will qualify for.
  3. Third, we will contact the appropriate lender for your particular situation and get you Pre-Approved for your vehicle loan.
  4. We will then contact you with the amount you have been approved for, the interest rates, terms and any other relevant information. We are believers in FULL DISCLOSURE, so that you will understand every aspect of the loan approval.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your vehicle loan approval, you will begin working with a member of our dealership sales/leasing staff to select the right vehicle for you that matches your needs and your loan approval amount.
  6. Once you select a vehicle from one of our dealership’s inventory, we will assist the dealership with the final arrangements to finance your car or truck.

Furthermore, once you begin making payments on your new vehicle, you will be using the second most powerful tool available to you (aside from buying a home) for re-establishing your credit.
The entire process to get you ready to buy your next car is simple, quick and FREE! No more hassles or wasting time. If you are turned down for any reason we will review your credit with you and give you our professional opinion on how to turn your decline into an approval. This service is good for thirty days from the date you are approved and we have a very high rate of approval. Your interest rate will vary depending on your credit history, equity and your ability to repay.

So, let us help you with your next vehicle purchase.

Who can apply for vehicle financing 

We deal with a very large variety of lenders, banks and leasing companies. Each organization has its unique criteria in determining if you qualify for financing. Our team of financial specialists looks at your unique situation and determines which lender will loan you the maximum amount of money at the lowest possible interest rate that your credit will allow. The following list is a general guideline of who can apply and get approved.

What you generally need to get financed

  • You are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • You are working or have a gross income of $1,500 or more per month
  • You get pay stubs from work or can prove income with bank statements
  • Ideally you have six months of continuous employment or income
  • No credit history is OK
  • Previous bankruptcy is OK
  • Bankrupt and not yet discharged is OK
  • In consumer proposal is OK
  • Previous repossession is OK
  • No co-signer is OK
  • No down payment is OK (in some situations)

In some circumstances, we can get you approved outside of these guidelines. If you are not sure whether you will qualify, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Key Auto Finance Professional Services

  1. Key Auto Finance realizes that everyone needs a vehicle but not everyone has perfect credit to obtain car loans or truck loan approval for that next new or used vehicle. Our Special Finance services are designed to make your auto, car, or truck buying experience a smooth and positive one regardless of credit history.
  2. We offer expert automotive financing help to get you the car loan you need. Respect and professional courtesy are our top priority next to helping you receive a bad credit car loan with ease and dignity.
  3. With our Auto Finance Specialists, you won't have to deal with any car sales people at the automotive dealership until you know that your financing is approved. You will have the power of loan pre-approval. Save time, money and hassle and let us go to work for you!
  4. All the lenders, banks, finance and lease companies we deal with report back to the credit agencies. This means that every payment you make is recorded and reflected on your credit bureau report. Usually within one year of making payments you will have re-established your credit.
  5. We will contact you around the time of the first anniversary of your loan and try to assist you in refinancing your vehicle at a lower interest rate or helping you to get into a newer or more luxurious vehicle - saving you money on interest.
  6. We will educate you on how and why loan companies evaluate loan offers.
  7. We will help you understand and simplify the intricacies of the loan process.
  8. For first time buyers, get thoroughly educated on how to begin obtaining credit.
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and power it takes, to get you the help and respect you deserve, when buying your next vehicle.